Survey and Design of Gas Pipe Network

Safety and Technical Audits

Installation of Industrial and Commercial Connections

Services offered for industrial & commercial

Special Service

Odorant Injection System (Daggaz Odorization System Manufacturing In Turkey And Texas USA)

Chemical Injection System For Natural Gas Pipeline Distribution Network

International Supplied and Commissioned:

Omv, Total, Shv Gas, Lukoil, Petronas- Gas Malaysia, Socar Azerbaijan, Egypt Gasızgaz Gdf Suez, Bursagaz Ewe, Istanbul Gas

Smart Gas Detection:

  • Standalone battery operated gas detection system for remote area installation.
  • Wireless communication with GSM 2G, 3G & 4G Network.
  • SMS alert message, for control room and site engineers.
  • Protection class IP-65, GR-II C CMRI Approved.
  • Low power consumption 20 m Watt for normal operation, 5 Watt for transmission.
  • Easy programming with 3 keys. Compatible with solar panel.

Composite Coating for Steel Pipe Repair (Premiere Composite Technology in UAE.)

  • Restoration of Structural Integrity of Steel Gas Pipeline
  • Extend Asset Life
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • No Hot Work
  • Withstand Upto 225 Bar
  • Standard Engineering Repair According To ISO/ASME
  • Guaranteed Upto 20 Years
  • ISO24817 : 2015 (E) composite repairs for pipework
  • ASME standards – PCC-2 – Article 4.1